motorhome and caravan cleaning

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Motorhome and Caravan cleaning ​

We only use low pressure jet washes helping to protect the expensive seals around windows from £150.00

Our fully mobile service comes to you...Caravans can be very large and cleaning as a result can take a very long time. Taking shortcuts and cleaning only the visible parts of your caravan is a tempting way to save some time and energy. I will not say you shouldn’t do this. If your only objective is to improve your caravan’s appearance then this can be an appropriate way to shorten how much you need to clean. However I will suggest you take the extra effort to clean parts which aren’t visible. Cleaning your caravan is a major part of taking care of it and by cleaning it regularly it will last longer and be in better condition when its’ time to sell the caravan. Areas which people often skip include the roof, wheels and underside of the caravan. 

No Roof on a caravan or motor home should ever be stood on

It can be tempting to save money by using household cleaning products. Some people also take this a step further by making their own cleaning products at home. Some people simply don’t understand the importance of the correct cleaning products and find it more convenient to use whatever is in the house at the moment. I will not say that this is the wrong thing to do. It may be very possible that there plenty of homemade or non-specific caravan cleaner products which are very effective cleaners. However, there is a large number of cleaning products which can be quite damaging to your caravan many of which are used frequently as a caravan cleaner substitute, because of this it is often much safer and more effective to use specifically designed caravan cleaning products. Common products which people mistakenly use on their caravans include dish soap which strips away wax and can even damage paint. Sponges can sometimes cause minor scratches too by dragging dirt across the paint. Caravan cleaning products have been designed to work optimally on caravans and will provide great value for money when it comes to keeping your caravan in good condition, we use autoglym polishes and collinite sealants 

Only the very best chemicals and coatings are used

Many people might think caravans and cars are similar and could be tempted to dig out the car shampoo and jet wash when cleaning their ‘van. But, you need to remember that caravans have different paint and bodywork so need a less abrasive product so you don’t end up scratching your unit’s surface, as well as taking extra care with water, to prevent damage to the seals. we use low pressure on the caravans windows as the seals are very easily damaged..we take the worry away with our experienced fully insured service

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