New car detailing

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New car detail/Protection

The fact you're reading this is most likely because you have heard the countless rumours that some of the main dealer cleaners don't or can't clean cars how they should.

Its paramount your new expensive investment gets the correct detail from the very start of its life on the road.

Most times brand new vehicles sit in compounds around the country waiting for its new owner.

These compounds have dust ,dirt, and contamination flying around, this affects the paint work and might need a clay bar process or fallout remover.

We can carry out your detail at the dealership or your home, don't accept 2nd best for your new vehicle

For the very best start to your new vehicle

We use some of the very best coatings from Max-protect and Gtechnic

Matthew has been in the valeting industry since 1985

he's honest professional approach will leave you without any doubt about your new car

It does not matter if your new vehicle is

£6000 or £2.1million, if the dealership cleaner has got out of the bed on the wrong side then your car won't be treated as it should.

Believe me, i know I have 20 years experience in the main dealership valeting operation.

Leather seat protection

CQuartz Leather & Vinyl is the ultimate in protection for both leather and vinyl surfaces throughout your vehicle! Our new highly advanced formula was created using only the most high tech ingredients available and offers a beautiful "better than new" finish without making it shiny. It was designed to provide an excellent combination of soft to the touch tactile feel, extreme protection, and unbelievable durability. CQuartz Leather & Vinyl was specifically developed to resist stains, dirt, jean dye transfer, and UV rays for years to come. Maintenance of your interior surfaces becomes as simple as wiping with a damp towel and walking away

Protection from spills:

Car owners worldwide no longer have to fear the spillages such as carbonated soft drinks, coffee, water, fruit juices when they or their family members eat or drink in the car. Leather coat is not only hydrophobic, it's oleophobic! even oil based spills such as takeaways can be mopped right up using some paper towels, cleaning only with water is required when bacteria cannot multiply on the surface due to the nano coating! No longer will you need to scrub your seats every week.

Protection from ink and dye transfer:

Have you ever noticed those favourite blue jeans make your light coloured leather seats go blue too? not anymore, with Leather Coat any staining cannot penetrate the surface of the leather and can simply be cleaned away with no effort.

Pen ink, If you've ever left a pen in your pocket, or your kids have drawn on the seat you'll know within a matter of minutes that oil based ink can soak straight into the finish leaving a permanent stain! with CQuartz Leather coat, the ink won't reach the surface of your leather. You can simply clean off those pen marks.

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